Managing Your Mortgage To Increase Equity


Increase Mortage Equity 

First Integrity is structured, unlike any other lender. By design, the company has created our own standards for client enrichment, retention, and referral sources. An ongoing source of pride is that our mortgage bankers go beyond the scope of services that most lenders offer.

Teaching our clients to think beyond the time of their loan closing is personally important to First Integrity’s core values. We encourage our clients to take control of their financial future, which includes the management of their mortgage. We have the tools for you to do it.

Most individuals have never thought about the concept of mortgage management. Here is what you will need to be successful:

  • A goal
  • Commitment to the goal
  • Tools

A Goal

Goals are as varied as people. Consider some of the following:

  • Building equity at a faster rate (paying off the loan sooner)
  • Elimination of mortgage insurance
  • Positioning for the next move
  • Safely buy the maximum amount of house at lower payments
  • Saving interest expense
  • Elimination of high jumbo interest rates


The commitment is self-discipline and self-imposed. We will unequivocally state that once the decision is made, the success is assured. First Integrity will demonstrate the techniques. Our clients have raved about this service, and we share in their excitement.


There are several tools that we discuss with clients from the beginning. For example, if someone is subject to transfer within five years, maybe it would best serve his or her needs to go with a five- or seven-year ARM at a lower interest rate than a typical thirty-year, fixed-rate mortgage.

For those who want to automatically increase their equity position, decreasing the term to a 25-, 20-, or 15-year amortization will achieve that goal.

Then there are those clients who want to create their own amortization schedule. It is easy with the use of our Fixed Mortgage Loan Calculator with Prepayment Option. This amazing tool puts you in control.

Clients with higher credit scores have an additional option with First Integrity's PowerPlus® program. PowerPlus permits clients who have less than 20% for a down payment to do so without paying the cost of private mortgage insurance. Our PowerPlus Calculator will put you in control.

Finally, borrowers requiring loans of more than $417,000 have had few options except paying higher jumbo interest rates. PowerPlus can also be used to have a jumbo loan amount without a jumbo interest rate.

Whatever your goals – First Integrity's mortgage bankers will help you achieve them.

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